Sweden Rock Festival 2015 confirmed.
posted in October 18th 2014

Wolf are confirmed to play Sweden Rock Festival in June 2015.
We are really happy to return and to once again get to play for the best audience in Sweden. 
Be prepared to get a taste of our 'Devil Seed'. 

We´re setting sails in just a couple of days...
posted in October 8th 2014

In just a couple of days the Sweden Rock Cruise / Rockbåten is leaving Stockholm!
There´s still some tickets left so we hope to see you there for a very special Wolf show.

There will be pirates, there will be metal and there will be leather!

Let's row!!


New girlie available for pre-order!
posted in September 28th 2014

Attention girls!
Now you can pre-order the new Girlie design in our web shop.
3 different models (you need all of course).

Order now, delivery late October.


Coming soon, new girlie design!
posted in September 24th 2014

Girls get dressed for success!

Coming Soon, new girlie design in 3 different models!
Expected in mid October!

Keep your eyes open...soon in the Wolf Metal Merch web shop!

WOLF Absinthe 66,6% - Launched at Swedish Systembolaget!
posted in September 6th 2014

On September 1 the amazing WOLF Absinthe 66,6% was released at Swedish Systembolaget!
It´s available on the shelf in the shops in Örebro, if you live somewhere else in Sweden just order at this link:


This is the metallest spirit ever! A must have for lovers of quality spirit and metal in general...or both!

If you live outside of Sweden order your bottle here:



Tombstone Webzine and awesome pictures!!
posted in September 5th 2014

Do yourself a favour and head on over to the Tombstone Webzine and check out the awesome pictures for our August 31 show at Turock Open Air!!

Just click the link and be amazed!


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