Lords of Metal 'Devil Seed' review. 80/100
posted in September 5th 2014

Excelent 'Devil Seed' review from Lords of Metal. 80/100

"Wolf’s traditional heavy metal has always had a dark edge to it, but on ‘Devil Seed’ the men have taken that to a higher level. In general the album breathes an aggressive, grim and sinister atmosphere, which makes the whole thing more exciting."

Read more at the link below.


They love 'Devil Seed' at Metal Wani! 8/10
posted in September 4th 2014

Got a great review over at Metalwani.com. They gave it 8/10

"I am a sucker for Old School metal, and for people like me, it would make them nostalgic as hell and transport them back to the glory days of leather, studs, high-pitched screams and powerful, melodic guitars."

Read the entire review here:


'Devil Seed' gets 4+ in one of Sweden's biggest papers!
posted in September 3rd 2014

Mattias Kling ger 'Devil Seed' 4+ i Aftonbladet....han lyckas till och med klämma in ett Göterborgsskämt.

'Devil Seed' gets 4+ in one of Sweden's biggest papers 'Aftonbladet'.

Another awesome Polish 'Devil Seed' review! 9.2/10
posted in September 3rd 2014

One for our Polish friends, we can´t read it but it got 9.2/10 so we figure it´s great!! 
All hail Poland!

Swedish Schools out blogg gives 'Devil Seed' 4/5!
posted in August 28th 2014

Another brilliant Swedish review gives 'Devil Seed' 4/5.
Keep em comming!


'Devil Seed' 9/10 review in Metal Temple!
posted in August 28th 2014

Another top notch review...this time from metal-temple.com
"They are back and they mean business with their latest album “Devil Seed”, to say it’s loud is an understatement."

Check it out here:
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